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  • Hawaii Island’s new Mayor, Mitch Roth, hits the ground running with cabinet positions, set to be filled by Dec. 7
  • ON Arrival, post-flight COVID-19 Testing Program for Travelers Arriving to the Big Island will be scaled back Friday, according to outgoing Mayor Harry Kim.   Since the post-flight testing program — which allows travelers to skip a 14-day quarantine if they test negative for COVID-19 immediately after arrival — began on Oct. 15, only 17 travelers have tested COVID-positive out of more than 12,000 tests, Kim said.  On his way out the door, Mayor Kim’s order appears premature at best, with mainland cases peaking, and may be setting up Hawaii Island for another surge and spread of COVID-19 cases, as the tourist trade returns.


  • Up in Pennsylvania and Nevada, Biden Edges Closer to Victory —  Leads in Pennsylvania; Nevada; and Georgia (which will go into a recount before final voting results are announced)
  • Joseph R. Biden Jr. stood on the cusp of the presidency on Friday, seizing a lead over President Trump in both Pennsylvania and Georgia and building on his lead in Nevada as he drew ever closer to securing the 270 electoral votes needed to lay claim to the White House.

    Mr. Biden, who was winning the popular vote by more than four million votes and has already won 253 electoral votes, had pulled ahead of Mr. Trump in Pennsylvania by more than 19,500 votes by Friday evening. If his lead holds — and it is expected to — the state’s 20 electoral votes would vault him past the threshold to win the election.

  • Donald Trump’s baseless vote fraud claim opens cracks in Republican ranks

  • The Associated Press is still not calling the presidential race because neither Joe Biden nor President Trump has secured the 270 electoral votes — needed to claim victory. Millions of ballots are being counted in key states that remain too close to call, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Trump and his campaign continue to make unsubstantiated and unspecified claims of voter fraud as Biden inches ever closer to the 270-vote threshold.

Here’s where the race to 270 (Electoral College) currently stands as of 4 pm HT:   

  • Biden: 264 (AP has called Arizona for Biden)    
  • Trump: 214


Hawaii Island, COVID-19 Impact Response

As of November 5th, Civil Beat calculates at least 236 people have died from the disease in Hawaii including multiple deaths on Hawaii island that have not been recorded yet by the Department of Health due to medical verification lags. The statewide official death toll remains at 219 and the state’s COVID-19 death rate is 1.45%.

As of Thursday, 68 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were hospitalized, including 13 in intensive care and nine COVID-19 patients on ventilators.

As of Wednesday DOH reported that 15,473 individuals in Hawaii have tested positive for COVID-19.

Of these Hawaii COVID-19 cases:

  • 219 have died
    1,125 required hospitalization
    11,958 have been released from isolation


Hi Cases Nov 5



Community Calendar

Steady progress has been made in turning the tide on commercial Aquarium fish extraction trade.  The environmentally destructive practice of harvesting reef fish throughout the state.

As you may have been noting, more than a few poachers on this island (many of whom were the primary applicants for the failed Environmental Impact Statement considering preferential permits for more collecting) have been marched into court recently for violating the court ordered moratorium on Hawaii Island’s “Gold Coast”.

Separately, legal actions against the reef fish extraction trade are underway, as a very important bill before the Honolulu City and County Council is pending calling for restricting inhumane practices associated with the shipping of reef fish abroad. The bill (066), would impose greater accountability in the tracking of fish mortalities associated with the Aquarium trade.

Presently, there is an for public input in setting policy, an opportunity to participate in the State’s long awaited “Holomua marine 30 x 30 initiative”.   Two DLNR hosted public meetings are scheduled for West Hawaii Island residents:

  • November 10, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • December 3, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
30 x 30 header image
Hawaiʻi’s Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) is leading the Marine 30×30 Initiative, which focuses on developing and strengthening the essential components of effective management, including development of: a resilient marine managed area network; statewide fisheries rules; outreach and enforcement strategies; monitoring; and restoration.
Recent scientific analysis revealed declines of up to 75% in populations of some of our favorite reef fish. And the state’s first mass bleaching event in 2015 resulted in up to 90% coral mortality on some reefs, global heating and acidification of Hawaii waters, along with the Aquarium trade represent, altogether represent the one-two-three punch and knock out to Hawaii’s marine environment, along with the cultural and economic values Hawaii reef system offers the residents and marine animals of Hawaii Island and the state
You may also provide feedback through email at or phone at 808-587-0100.



4 replies
  1. Shannon Rudolph
    Shannon Rudolph says:

    Wondering why you did not endorse Colehour Bondera in HD 5, who has 2 Master’s degrees in Ag, is a longtime community advocate who has been running his Kona farming business & household with solar for the last 20 years.

    • BeyondKona
      BeyondKona says:

      BeyondKona does not endorse candidates, however, for this election cycle, and as previously explained, we have recommended certain candidates for voter consideration. We appreciate you bringing Colehour Bondera to our attention, who’s background certainly merits consideration and who could bring an important voice to the state legislative in advancing sustainable and local agricultural; a subject of particular importance to Hawaii Island’s future.

  2. Doug Perrine
    Doug Perrine says:

    Stacy Higa certainly says the things that many of us in West Hawaii want to hear. But if you weren’t around for his term on the County Council, you should read up on it before considering him for a position of even higher authority. To understate the matter, Higa’s term on the Council was marked by considerable conflict with other council members, with journalists, and with his own staff. It resulted in lawsuits which cost Hawaii County taxpayers dearly.


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