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Hawaii Readies to Re-Open on Oct. 15th, but with Restrictions

The state plans to allow incoming travelers from out of state who have tested negative for the coronavirus to avoid quarantine as of Oct. 15 — but visitors seeking a family vacation might have to look elsewhere.

Hi Gates OpenGov. David Ige acknowledged Monday that the state’s partners in a COVID-19 testing program for trans-Pacific travelers won’t test children younger than 12.   Ige said untested children of families who arrive in Hawaii after the state’s planned reopening on Oct. 15 will be subject to a 14-day quarantine, even if their parents arrive with a negative test.

 “We are focused on enabling more trans-Pacific travelers to come,” Ige said. “It won’t be the ideal situation. It’s not going to be accessible to everybody who wants to travel.”

“Families trying to travel on this pre-travel testing program will have a difficult time.”

“A lot of those details are currently being worked through,” he said. “… We do have this digital platform and the app that people would input their data. Right now, they’re doing that as part of the quarantine. We are making modifications to that, so that … once they get their result, they would be able to update and input that information into the system that we’re building, so that we would be notified that they got their test result after arrival.”

The governor said that despite international restrictions on travel to the U.S., he’s still working with the governments of Japan, South Korea and New Zealand to get an exemption for Hawaii. He added the state is trying to identify COVID-19 testing partners for prospective travelers from those countries.

Ige said he’s not ready to lift the 14-day interisland travel quarantine. Currently, any traveler from Oahu to any neighbor island must quarantine, as well as travelers between neighbor islands.

However, the state’s so-called quarantine measures are limited by totally inadequate testing and enforcement resources. Beyond a few Oahu hotels working with DOH, it’s strictly an honor system, and people don’t fly to Hawaii for vacation only to stay inside their rooms for two weeks.

Right Time to Reboot Tourism?

Hawaii appears ready to fall into the same pattern seen elsewhere around the world, but with one significant difference. As we open up for business during the middle of a global pandemic, cases and deaths will skyrocket, but unlike the mainland, Hawaii’s woefully lacking medical infrastructure will collapse under the weight of escalating hospitalizations — worst yet, the state’s population living on outer islands will be hardest hit, already facing a chronic shortage of doctors and inadequate medical care.

Hawaii Pandemic death toll reaches 120, case count nears 11,500, 735 cases require hospitalization.



Hi Case Graph 9 21


COVID-19 Impact on the United States


  • COVID 19 Case Total exceeds 7 million and climbing / U.S. Deaths surpasses 200,000 (204,898), as of September 21, 2020, according to the Worldometer data tracker,
  •  The number — far higher than any other nation’s — exceeded the number of U.S. lives lost to the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks combined.

Covid 19 Deaths 

Us Cases 9 22

The United States has now suffered about 22% of the world’s deaths from Covid-19, despite accounting for only 4% of the world’s population. 

Us Cases 9 2ss

COVID-19 Impact on the World


Global coronavirus case count exceeds 31 million and COVID-19 deaths near 1 million worldwide.


      Global Cases 9 22


Global Deaths 9 22

Global Deaths 8 26




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    Josephine Keliipio says:

    Notice how CDC has no advice about taking natural remedies?
    No advice about protecting your immune system?
    And what about those who have recovered from it? No news either!.


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