Politics Trump Truth: 45 problems, and he’s every one

Is the whistleblower a traitor, or the CIA doing its job to protect our republic from all enemies foreign and domestic? One of our checks and balances is 1.4 million public servants (the deep-state, so hated by extremists) quietly doing their jobs no matter how foolishly the elected members of government behave.

Trump Whistleblower

It was only fair to give the “very stable genius” a try. There are so many opportunities for ridicule that it’s too easy. Has 45 accomplished anything? Oh yeah, built a wall nobody wanted, with other people’s money. Is he a Reagan or a Hitler, or just Mussolini to Putin’s Hitler?

A statement is a lie if the teller knows it is not true. Does 45 think anything said is automatically true? Is that a delusion (dementia)? What about changing position in mid-sentence apparently oblivious to the contradiction, and denying saying things captured on video. Is “fake-news” a Joseph Goebel’s big-lie? A blatant falsehood, repeated often enough to gain credibility?

The depth of ignorance, normal adults cannot fathom, for example: “We are going to mine clean-coal.” “Windmills cause cancer.” Immigration proposals that would horrify a teen. Not knowing the difference between right and wrong is the legal definition of insanity. Why take credit for improved economics that were obviously a continuation of earlier international trends?

Why complain that the deep-state does not cooperate? Is this misunderstanding the genius of checks and balances that keep America, the world’s oldest continuous national government, stable and prevents concentration of power? Ours is a lawful government of the people, by the people, for the people; not government of the people for the president.

Is there evidence of any input or knowledge before flamboyantly signing an incomprehensible tax bill slapped together in secret, that will reduce his own tax? “We will be doing tax returns on a postcard,” when the tax code is 70,000 pages?

His core appeal is to those with minimum critical thinking skills. He said it — I believe it — that settles it. They ignore evidence and accept baseless theories.

The cost of the Mar-a-Lago lifestyle is overwhelming; much public cost goes into his own pocket. Accommodating dignitaries, and staff at expensive profitable resorts, instead of government facilities! Each junket of the Air-Force-One armada costs us millions. Shocking sexual antics, why hold entertainers to a higher standard than the president? Can the king do no wrong?

Leadership that resembles a remedy that caused a headache so bad that when it wore off, the patient was happy to have only the original. Doing something that outraged everyone to fix the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Adding a skunk to a bar fight. Whatever happens, proclaim it a win and proudly rename it. Getting his name and face on everything; he does that very well, like an idiot savant that excels at only one thing.

Play the media like a one-button juke box, no such thing as bad publicity. Every outrageous brain fart is front page news, with his personal network Fox News busily rationalizing each grammarless tweet.

Some outbursts make as much sense as reading a third-grader’s Scrabble game. The media put him in office by giving him the cheap publicity he dotes on and show every sign they will continue. The pundits need to stop playing his game, please! Epithets attach his faults to others.

Just when you think it can’t get more outrageous, 45 calls dissent treason. Dissent is fundamental to a republic. Is this mimicking the dictator’s playbook? Every dictator detests the press: “Fake news,” and takes over broadcast media; Fox Noise. Offenses come so fast they are turning this into a list. “I’m the only one that matters” l’état, c’est moi?

How much longer do we endure? Will this wreck the GOP before it wrecks America? So why not impeach now? Because that is just an indictment. What if McConnel impedes the trial in the Senate? POTUS would benefit from a failed impeachment and get reelected maybe more than once. If you set out to overthrow a tyrant, and fail you will be worse off than before.


Reprinted with permission from West Hawaii Today, originally published October 5th, 2019

Ken Obesnki is a forensic engineer now safety and freedom advocate in South Kona. He writes a biweekly column for West Hawaii Today. Email: obenskik@gmail.com

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  1. Mark Tang
    Mark Tang says:

    So let the Re-pubs cling to him and indeed go down with the ship.
    Time for a fresh start for democracy!
    (Anybody remember what happened to the Whig Party?😜)

  2. mau
    mau says:

    Main problem with Trump is that he’s not draining the swamp! If he manages to do this against all odds, he will then have legitimacy. Also, he promised to declassify 911. Just do it!


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